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What is the process?

It all starts with a conversation …..

We will discuss your current situation, position, skills and accomplishments at great length.  We will also like to have insight into your aspirations, short term goals and long term plan.  This will help us to understand why you want to change position, what you are looking for in a new role, what type of company we need to be approaching/avoiding.  
In a nutshell we want to learn about you and the work culture you thrive in, and any near or distant future aims.

If the shoe doesn’t fit …..

We will discuss suitable positions.  We are not interested in shoe-horning you into a role that doesn’t suit your requirements.  
We seek to have an honest and two way trust arrangement with our candidates.   If we are honest and say we don’t have the ideal role for you, don’t be worried, this simply means we are not prepared to waste your time.  Rest assured we will be looking.  Equally if you’re not sure about a proposed role, do not be afraid to outline your concerns.

Like SEO, but for your CV

Once you are happy with the positions we have identified, we will work on your CV.  We are happy to consult and advise on CV preparation.  
We make it our business to know our clients inside out.  Clients are often looking for specifics in candidates.  We will ensure your CV clearly depicts you and the role you can deliver.

The interview process …..

This is often the part people dread …. the ‘under the spotlight, hot around the collar, Mastermind chair’ type interview.  
We will make sure you are prepared for the interview, including a breakdown of the interview panel, their hotspots and what to avoid.

Negotiate …..

It’s simple - we don’t get paid unless you take the job.  More importantly we don’t get paid if you leave the job.  It is completely counterproductive for us to pressurise a candidate into taking a position they are not suited for. Our reputation is our DNA. 
We have a duty to both you as the candidate and our clients.  We make sure we get the position/package that suits all parties, and the final decision always remains yours.

Aftercare …..

We don’t simply move on and forget you once the above is complete. We’re there to help you with the on-boarding process and ensure that your new career step is what you were expecting. Finally, don’t be surprised if we want to meet you for a drink or dinner to celebrate too.