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We know that not everyone is looking for a job today, however we do know that at some point everyone has a question relating to their current or next job.  What is the state of the Salesforce market?  What Salesforce Implementations are kicking off?  Am I being paid the market rate?  What are my options?  What career path?

We understand as a client there is always a requirement to be ‘in-the-know’, to be one step ahead of ensuring you have the right team in place, ready to deliver.

If you want a confidential and easy-going conversation, at a time that suits you, hit the link now


Steadman Brown are keen to talk.  We want to talk to people who are both looking, and not looking, and the reasons are simple:

  • How can we pick up the phone or drop you an email informing you that the dream job as a Salesforce Architect for NASA has just landed, if we didn’t know you were a Salesforce design expert with a passion for all things space?
  • How can we tell you about the launch of a brand-new Salesforce partner in Cornwall if we didn’t know that you have family in the South West and want to eventually head to Cornish tranquillity.  After all, you considered Salesforce jobs were ‘only in London’?

As everyone in technology will say, especially those in Salesforce, ‘your CRM is only as good as the data put in it. This is 100% true.

The information we have enables us to make the right connections, at the right time.

We are not interested in promoting ‘going no-where’ positions, or cold calling, or doing mailshots with CVs to prospective clients.  We want to create meaningful, honest and fruitful relationships, to assist you to get where you want to be.

So …. hit the ‘Let’s talk’ button and let’s set up a conversation.  Day or night, formal or informal, the choice is yours.  We very much look forward to hearing from you.

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