My First Salesforce World Tour

    My first Salesforce World Tour


    Yesterday I attended my first Salesforce world tour, and I did not know what to expect. As I began commute, I was anxious how a Salesforce recruiter would be accepted / benefit from a conference. I’ve only been in the world of Salesforce for 6 weeks, so my naivety must be forgiven!

    As soon as I stepped beneath the ‘Welcome Trailblazers’ banner, I realised just how wrong I was.
    Every room was filled with smiles, laughter and joy. The stands were a social free-for-all, each telling their story of how Salesforce impacted their company, and the trail they had blazed.
    The content pavilion was filled with some real Salesforce genius’ yet still keen to learn from the Ohana, but more importantly share their knowledge with their peers.

    I came to the Salesforce World Tour to learn about the Salesforce platform, I attended multiple sessions and tried to soak-up as much intel about Salesforce as possible inside 9 hours.  

    I began my day in the Keynote room, which was a celebration of trailblazers, sharing their journey with the enormous crowd. Salesforce Supermums was the first to take the stage, a unique organisation focuses their business model around helping many eager parents looking to pursue a career within Salesforce. Yesterday showcased their impressive impact on the Salesforce Ohana, and the trail they were blazing.

    The second presenter to take the stage was the Barclays, followed by the PINK team. They emphasised the use of Salesforce as a service tool, the key behind their success; ‘service before everything’. Barclays realised that products and prices can be matched, but service is unique. (one of Steadman Brown’s key values)

    The session ‘Imperatives and Stories around unpopular truths’ was a really insightful session too, focused on business principles, and less around the technicalities of Salesforce. A few key take-aways were; the importance of agile thinking, how arrogance kills companies and to be adaptive or leave.
    Each of these are just the foundation of what makes a company great, it gives a different view to requirements, it shows that functional skills are not the only thing to go by when hiring and growing as a business, and/or completing a Salesforce transformation.

    The next session was ‘Salesforce for admins’, which was the session I was most excited about. At Steadman Brown we believe it is important to practice what you preach and understand from the candidates view to what they are responsible for. In this scenario how each administrator impacts the growth of their company. To be able to witness live demonstrations of Salesforce being customised and configured was insightful and helped join up a lot of dots I had in my head about Salesforce administration.

    In summary, a pretty awesome day. The only negative being that I wished the event lasted a few days, so I could sap up some more Salesforce knowledge. Trailhead it is in the meantime!

    Dreamforce 2019 maybe?

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